Simple, Tailored, Residential Irrigation Solutions

We are available through all four seasons to service your irrigation and sprinkler systems.

Island Irrigation has the parts and expertise to repair / update your existing system, or install a completely new one.

Residential Irrigation

Efficient systems that always work. 
And expert support to make sure things stay that way.

Consistency and effective operation are the two critical points of a residential irrigation system. Our team of experts can evaluate your property’s needs, ensuring you only use the necessary amount of  energy and water.

Island Irrigation Sprinkler Repair and installation
New Construction Irrigation

New Construction

We can help you get it right the first time.  

Irrigation is a crucial part of building a new home. Everything from your fresh lawn to the new landscaping will require consistent, effective watering for the first year.

Protect your new investment with the right irrigation system for your project. Our specialists are experienced at working in tandem with new construction projects.
This makes for a seamless transition from construction site, to move-in-ready home.

Service Types:

Island Irrigation Sprinkler

We stock and install all major brands of sprinkler systems and components as well as all common parts and wear items.
Our team of experts is prepared to fix existing installations as well as make updates where necessary.
All while maximizing value to you and up-time of your system.

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